Tulsa Screen Printing

What is screen printing?

Custom Screen printing is an attractive and highly visible way to create customized t-shirt and sweatshirts apparel with your T shirt logo or design. It is an affordable choice for your Tulsa / Broken Arrow company in Oklahoma, school, organization, or event. Give us a call for any custom T Shirts Tulsa questions!

What is screen printing EXACTLY?

In detail, it is a stencil method of bulk tshirt printing in which a design is imposed on a screen of silk or other fine mesh, with blank areas coated with an impermeable substance, and ink is forced through the mesh onto the printing surface. This method creates high quality printed apparel that can withstand years of wearing and washing.

The Process

This is a sample of how a basic 1 color t-shirt originates.

This is a brief glimpse of a multi-color design originating for the automatic press.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order?

24 pieces for custom screen printing and 48 for embroidery.

Can I have them by a certain date?

Yes. We can meet any deadline. Orders needed faster than our regular turnaround time may incur a rush charge.

How is price determined?

Price is determined by Color, Quantity, and Style mainly. There are many different factors actually determine price.

Will the shirts shrink?

50/50 T shirts on the most part will not shrink. All of our 100% cotton garments are Factory Pre-Shrunk. Our years of experience have shown us that the 100% will shrink just a little bit and to take this into consideration when ordering.

Will the custom screen printed design wash off or fade?

It will not wash off. But depending on the process used a little fading may occur. If your shirts are printed using process inks they will fade slightly sooner than opaque plastisol inks. Proper care and washing will keep your shirts in excellent condition for years.