Is there a minimum order?

24 pieces for custom screen printing and 48 for embroidery.

Can I have them by a certain date?

Yes. We can meet any deadline. Orders needed faster than our regular turnaround time may incur a rush charge.

How is price determined?

Price is determined by Color, Quantity, and Style mainly. There are many different factors actually determine price.

Can I pick up my order?

We do not recommend the customer picking his or her own order. Our Tulsa business is not a storefront but a production facility and is not set up as a retail environment.

What format do I send the artwork in?

Artwork specs can be viewed on the artwork tab located at the top of each page.

Can your art department show me a proof before I place my order?

All orders will be sent a proof of what each order contains, including visual, size and quantity.

When do I pay sales tax?

Orders placed outside of Ok will not pay sales tax. Churches, schools and other tax deferred businesses in Oklahoma will not pay sales tax.

Will I get to see a sample?

Yes. Our art department will go over each design with the customer via email. To see an actual printed sample will incur Set-Up, Art and Shipping Charges.

Can I get a sample shirt?

Yes, but to see an actual printed sample will incur Set-Up, Art and Shipping Charges.

Do I own the screens?

No you do not own the Screens. The Screens are hard wooden or metal frames used by H&A to produce product. The actual screens are recycled over and over again for different jobs.

Do I own the embroidery digitized file?

Yes. If you wish to receive a copy of your digitized design arrangements will be made to email it to you. This is a very good option. If we were to lose it for any reason you would still have a copy. This same file could be used elsewhere as well.

Will I get to see my embroidered design sewn on fabric before production?

Yes. An emailed proof will be emailed to you before production for you to approve.

How much extra are XXL and XXXL shirts?

It varies per product. T-Shirts usually $1.50 more per XXL and $2.50 for XXXL

Can I mix different styles, sizes, and colors of garments for custom screen printing?

Yes. You can order any quantity over 24 pieces and any color.

Can I use particular ink colors on some of my garments and other colors of inks on the rest?

Yes, but there is a $10.00 Color Change Charge per design. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to change ink colors for each screen per design.

Will the shirts shrink?

50/50 T shirts on the most part will not shrink. All of our 100% cotton garments are Factory Pre-Shrunk. Our years of experience have shown us that the 100% will shrink just a little bit and to take this into consideration when ordering.

Will the shirts fade?

Not for a long, long time. Washed correctly and kept from being left in the sun for days will protect any garment. But over years everything fades.

Will the custom screen printed design wash off or fade?

It will not wash off. But depending on the process used a little fading may occur. If your shirts are printed using process inks they will fade slightly sooner than opaque plastisol inks. Proper care and washing will keep your shirts in excellent condition for years.

Will the screen printed design crack or break apart?

Your printed T-Shirt will last a long time. Over the period of years the ink will crinkle or crack a little. This is natural. All T-shirts do this.