Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery. We specialize in custom screen printed t-shirts, sweatshirts, athletic, ladies tees, tanks and more.


Tulsa Custom Tshirts

Got Questions about your artwork? Call us. Our Artists can answer any question having to do with your art needs. We work in both a Macintosh and PC environment. We have tackled every type of printing problem brought to us for over 18 years. Every order starts with the ART! We can Re-Create, Custom Create or Restore any logo. We also handle high end separations. We Can Output Spot Color - Simulated Process - Four Color Process - Black and White

Preferred File Formats :
Macromedia Freehand version 11 or earlier (FH11, etc.)
Adobe Illustrator version CS or earlier (.AI, .EPS, .ART, .WMF, etc.)
Corel Draw version 12 or earlier (.CDR)
Adobe Acrobat (.PDF)
Email to:
Please get us a hard copy for reference.
Artwork in these formats, completely ready to print, will not be charged an Art Fee.

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Preferred File Formats:
Adobe Photoshop version CS or earlier (.TIF, .BMP, .GIF, .JPG, .PSD, .EPS, etc.)

For best results (and to save on art charges), please supply your raster images at actual size, 300 dpi or higher. Designs at 72 dpi (taken off internet) will not work.

Please make sure all text is converted to paths, curves, or outlines, or that all font files used in the artwork are also supplied.

Please make sure all placed raster images are either embedded in the vector file, or include the raster images along with the vector file.

When sending Bitmap images: We accept PSD, JPEG, TIF, PDF, Please make sure when sending these images they are created and saved at 300dpi at the size that you want printed

Any art that does not follow these requirement will be subject to art fees, our art fees are $40 per hour.

If your artwork is another format different to these suggestions, contact us and our Artists will help you make your artwork work for us.

Artwork from Scratch:
We can create art for you, 25% of our business is creating new designs for businesses and groups. All we ask is that you have an idea to help push us in the right direction. We have an extensive library of pre-existing designs, Fonts, and clip-art to handle any project. Have as much detail and information as possible for our artists to be creative with. Rather than try to figure out how to use an online "Design Your Own" T-Shirt program, let the Pro's do it and make it look great.